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"Thank you so much for all your help for getting our furniture delivered to us on short notice. Very friendly, courteous and considerate. BEST MOVERS!!!"
 - Charu C. from Sandusky, OH

"VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND GENTLE MEN MOVERS!!! Thanks so much for the help with our move! We will definitely be calling on you again!!" 
- Sonya Z. from Waterville, OH

"It was astonishing how much furniture/boxes/stuff they could pack into the truck. Even so, we needed to make a second trip and worked past dark. Besides all the usual household items, my husband has a wood working shop and I have thousands of yards of wool fabric that I sell from home. I had all the boxes marked with the room they were to go in the new house and almost everything made it to its place. They even moved a very large flat rock that I wanted to take along. They loaded a large pile of items destined for Goodwill into my van. They were very accommodating."
- Cynthia G. from Pemberville, OH

"Well let me say this, this was my first time hiring movers. I was very nervous and worried about the process. The movers came on time and answered all of my questions. They were helpful and courteous. When they arrived they had a huge truck and 2 movers. I was surprised by how fast they were! They came equipped with dollies, and all kinds of equipment. I loved the fact they gave me a price up front and stuck to it. One of the movers even went out of his way to help me fix my dresser that was broken. I got the whole move done in a few hours and I was able to enjoy the rest of my day without this being a whole day ordeal."
​- Josephine M. from Toledo, OH
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